Next year, Arch Ventures Press aims to publish a commemoration book in honour of Murshid Fazal Inayat Khan to mark the impact of his work and vision at the twenty-year anniversary of his passing.

We wish to ask if you will please contribute a memory of Murshid Fazal that exemplifies his style of spiritual teaching. Any words of personal reflection, thoughts on your experiences, poetry, story or the recollection of a chilla would be appreciated, as well as images.

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Excerpts from the forthcoming book, ‘The Mystic Manager’ by Aranth Frye:


  1. To end people dying unnecessarily because of lack of food, water or medicine;

  2. To restore, maintain and conserve our planet and our solar system;

  3. To establish a recognised global forum wherein all religions may come together positively  in the unity of religious ideals;

  4. To create a platform where the world’s people and forces can all participate in collegiate global respectfulness and understand the impact of synthesis and harvesting;

  5. For inclusivity to apply to everything, coming fully from the heart and fully encompassing man and woman in all dimensions, East and West, black and white, rich and poor, creative, scientific or practical;

  6. For the whole world to create: to participate in, acknowledge, encourage and promote investors, bridge builders and mystics.


  • Being on your journey towards independence

  • Understanding that leadership creates change

  • Operating in a sophisticated group (the leadership hat passes around)

  • Recognising that one of the tasks of leadership is to ask people to do what they always wanted to do

  • Leadership requires us to ask someone to do the job who is better at it than we are

  • Leaders are committed to the success of others at least as much as they are

  • Leadership requires us to operate to our global call

  • Leadership uses change to create change

  • Leadership as leverage – natural flow vs forced drive (i.e. winning hearts and minds)