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The Arch Ventures group has emerged organically. We are a nexus of friends who find energy and purpose in nurturing a dedicated inner and external space where we can provide an inclusive harmonised environment for creative and spiritual activities – both for ourselves and for others. We facilitate the process of “Emerging leaders lovingly unfolding tomorrow’s paradigm’.

Arch Ventures – Ground of Being

Generous hearts, respecting all that is and has been – always including non-linear potential as real

Me – here – now / We – here – now

The avowal of Love, Harmony and Beauty

Freedom – in this moment, now




Directors’ Report – May 2009

It’s been quite a year for Arch Ventures, full of activity and culminating with the news that Four Winds has finally been sold.

Our seminar series has gone from strength to strength. We traced the history of Sacred Geometry in “Shaman, Priest and Scientist” (Malcolm Stewart, the second part of which follows our AGM) and explored the poetry and music of religious ecstasy in “Giving the Heart Wings” (Khalil). “Dreams and Dreaming” (Ashen) and “Near Death Experiences” (Rahima) engaged with creativity and transformation and “The Mystic Manager” (Aranth) addressed personal responsibility in its widest sense. We had a wonderful afternoon of music and poetry with a group of Afghan sufis and in “Sounding” (Russell Stone) we had an astonishing demonstration of the effect of sound on the body.

A new venture this year has been our very successful series of Enterprise Days, ably facilitated by Susanne, which are transforming creative ideas into a host of commercial projects.

The sale of Four Winds marks a transition in the life of Arch Ventures. It gives us the freedom to be bolder in imagining the space we intend to create.

Arch Ventures Guiding Principles

Our purpose is to give Arch Ventures members the opportunity to choose and express our individual spiritual way forward and find our own destiny, guided by the following principles in the context of answering the Call of our generation:

1. To bear witness to and encourage the dreams and goals of our members and others, promoting them where appropriate through financial or practical support.

2. To create a platform where the world’s people and forces can all participate in collegiate global respectfulness and understand the systemic impact of their choices.

3. To establish a recognised global forum where people can come together safely and respectfully in the unity of spiritual ideals.

4. To support activities which seek to restore, sustain and conserve the planet that is entrusted to us; its vegetation, its animals and our solar system.

5. For inclusivity to apply to everything, coming fully from the heart and fully encompassing man and woman in all dimensions: young and old; East and West; black and white; rich and poor; creative, scientific or practical.

6. To free ourselves from fear and ignorance towards new thinking and choices, appreciating difference and gracefully including what appears.

7. To take responsibility for what we observe on the outside being a reflection of what is happening within ourselves.

8. To empower people who suffer unnecessarily through lack of food, water, shelter, community, education and medicine – through direct action or intelligent publicity – engaging in activities and thinking that counter the dominion or exploitation of individuals, populations or species.

9. To stand for a world that participates in, acknowledges, encourages and promotes fully responsible entrepreneurs, investors, patrons, bridge builders and mystics.

10. To ease divisions of all kinds, respecting others’ beliefs, meaning and experience, through activity and creative expression on the basis that our deepest unity is not in agreeing with each other but in creating Beauty and the beauty of Truth.

11. To take on the stewardship and nurture of a beautiful property that resonates with the energies of what a true spiritual home means for us, to serve as a networking hub, meeting venue and retreat for the expansive community of Arch Ventures and friends.


Arch Ventures Limited has been set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee. The initial Nominating Committee and Board of Directors have been appointed. All assets are owned by the Company and no individual may own either assets or shares.